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Mystery Wax Melt Pack - Set of 3

Mystery Wax Melt Pack - Set of 3

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It's the summer of wax melts here at Bewick'd Studio!

- This mystery bundle contains 3 TOTALLY RANDOM wax melts from our collection of bookish scents. Please note that included wax melts may be any of our 50+ available scents, and we cannot take requests for this listing.

- If you are a returning customer, there is a chance you will receive a duplicate scent from previous orders, as these bundles are arranged ahead of time.

- This bundle is perfect for first-time customers, since it allows you to try out 3 full-sized wax melts at a discounted rate. These bundles are ready to ship and should ship within 7 business days if they are purchased alone.

- Please note: if other items are purchased alongside this bundle, the processing time will be the standard 3-4 weeks since everything else is made to order

Care Instructions

- Remove 1-2 cubes from packaging

- Use only in melters approved for wax melts

- Keep out of reach of children & pets

- Use only in well-ventilated areas away from flammable materials

- Do not add water. Do not eat. Do not melt on stovetop or nonapproved appliances.

More details here.

Size Information

3 x (2.5oz) plastic clamshell

6 coconut wax melt cubes each

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