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Dianna + Samkiel - Candle Bundle

Dianna + Samkiel - Candle Bundle

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Officially Licensed Dianna + Samkiel Candle Bundle


Dianna Fragrance Notes

Top: cinnamon + nutmeg + citrus + woods

Middle: clove + smoke + blood orange

Base: vanilla + tonka + cedarwood


Samkiel Fragrance Notes

Top: vanilla extract + spice + citron zest

Middle: hot cocoa + woods + amber + brown sugar

Base: dark chocolate + vanilla bean + dark musk


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Care Instructions

- Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before burning

- Keep out of reach of children & pets

- Burn for no longer than 4hrs at a time

- Do not leave unattended

- Do not burn near flammable materials

More details here.

Size Information

2 x (9oz) Coconut-Apricot Wax

Matte white tin & lid

Copyright Notice

From The Book of Azrael, The Throne of Broken Gods by Amber V. Nicole.

Product made with permission and licensed by publisher Rose and Star, and author Amber V. Nicole

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